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TypesScriptGames.com is now a part of embed.com. I'm hoping to add more Typscript game development tutorials very soon.

Enter TypeScript

Game Development is a lot easier with OOP. JavaScript has objects, but isn't an OOP in a traditional sense. TypeScript allows developers to use both classes and types which are very helpful. TypeScript also compiles (transpiles) your code into JavaScript. This basically gives you all of the advantages of JavaScript, without many of the problems that come along with an interpreted language.

Visual Studio Code

I've recently transitioned from Visual Studio Community to Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is a great lightweight development environment that can be easily set up for typescript development. My early tutorials were done using Visual Studio Community, which comes with all the tools you need for TypeScript set up, but is a bit less flexable than using VS Code.

Visual Studio for TypeScript

TypeScript HTML5 Game Tutorials

Here are some TypeScript HTML 5 Game Dev Tutorials:

Video Tutorials

Embed Games

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