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Asteroid Shooter

Do you remember the old Atari arcade game Asteroids? Well, this isn't it... but it is similar. Whenever I build a new game engine or start working with a new technology for building games, one of the first games I put together to get my bearings is an Asteroids clone. It's a pretty simple game with a classic design, and it can be done quickly, so while developing the new game engine I'm using for, I put together this little asteroid shooter with a classic 16 bit look.

Game Play

The controls are pretty simple and follow the classic game's control scheme.

  • Up Arrow Key - Accelerate
  • Left Arrow Key - Turn Left
  • Right Arrow Key - Turn Right
  • Down Arrow Key - Teleport
  • Space Bar - Shoot
Basically you fly around and shoot rocks until one of them hits you. Lose all your lives and it's game over.


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