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For those who play the game of Mahjong frequently, they typically have a variation they favor. Some like to play the Basic game while others like the challenge of Pyramid. Other popular variations are Chinese Fan and Diamond Mine.

The only way to find the variations of Mahjong you like best is to play all of them several times to see. Practice at the game is the best way to develop your matching skills, and while it may first appear there are no skills involved, it does require some strategy on your part to succeed in clearing all the tiles from the game board.

The game allows the player to undo tile selections and to click for a new game when there are no further moves to be made. Not all the games are going to be winnable, so go into the game of Mahjong expecting that and you won't be disappointed.

Parents have found Mahjong to be a great game for their kids to play because it teaches them matching and counting skills while allowing them to have fun. Mahjong is not just for kids, though, as you'll find plenty of adults playing the game as well.

Never played Mahjong? You don't know what you are missing. Pull up a chair and give it a try; I say bring a chair because once you get started playing the game, it is hard to stop. Have fun and good luck!