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The original Mahjong had four players, but each one played individually, unlike card games that have partners. That is one reason why it transfers to a computer game so well as a Solitaire styled competition. The person playing alone is much more relaxed than someone competing against three other people.

Mahjong is often portrayed as a game for young players, but older people find it fun, too. In fact, there is some reason to believe that playing games that require quick decisions and reasoning helps the elderly improve memory loss. Keeping the mind active is the best way to continue to have good mental function.

Because every Mahjong game varies some from the last, players must search for matches without acquiring any short cuts. Many video games require repetitious movements and the necessity to do the same things again each time a game ends. This is not mind-expanding, but mind numbing.

There are no health concerns for playing Mahjong, so you can do so as often as you want. You don't need to feel guilty about the time you spend at the computer, either. When someone suggests that you should be doing something else, tell them that you are working to keep your mental facilities when you enjoy a game of Mahjong.