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There are many supporters of the game Mahjong who believe it helps improve memory loss symptoms. It is a fun and challenging game to play even for those without memory problems. It is often compared to the card game of Solitaire but tiles are used instead of cards.

If you see the game spelled Marjong or Majong, these are spelling mistakes. Most commonly, the one word name of Mahjong is used, but there is an acceptable two-word version of Mah Jong.

You may also come across the game as Ma Chiang, Mo Tsiah, Mah Jongg, Ma Cheuk, or Ma Chiao.

If you have not played the game of Mahjong before, when you first see the tile layout you might quickly be overwhelmed, but don't be because the game tends to look more complicated than it actually is at first glance.

Both kids and adults alike enjoy the game, and while it helps elderly adults with memory loss, it also helps kids with their matching and counting skills. If you have not tried the fun and exciting game of Mahjong online, you should give it a try. Just keep in mind that once you start playing, it is really hard to stop. Enjoy the game and best of luck!